Tuesday, February 25, 2020

At Kobe Bryant's memorial, it was revealed Kobe once showed up for his daughter Gigi's school parents' day in full Laker uniform with his Olympic gold medal. 

How would you like to be the dad after that with the Geico-Insurance-Agent -of-the-Month plaque?

Shaquille O'Neal dropped an "MF" bomb at Kobe Bryant's memorial. 

Shaq also tried to take a playful verbal shot at the crying Michael Jordan, but Shaq was standing on the free throw line, so he missed the shot.

A self-titled daredevil, "Mad Mike" Hughes, tried to prove the earth was flat in his homemade rocket, sadly it crashed to the Nevada desert.

Legally they had to then name the rocket the New York Knicks.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Michael Jordan got emotional during his tribute to Kobe Bryant. 

We have not seen Jordan that upset since his rookie year the first and only time he was charged with traveling.