Tuesday, February 04, 2020

“Do you sip your soup?”

“I only sip my soup on a ship.”

“Why do you only sip your soup on a ship?”

“Because on a ship, a ship can tip and your soup will be spilt.”

“So you always sip your soup on a ship?”

“Not unless the ship is in a slip.”

“Why don’t you sip your soup when your ship is in a slip?”

“Because when a ship is in a slip, the ship will not tip and I can slurp my soup and it won't be spilt.”

“So you sip your soup on a ship if it tips, but you slurp your soup if it is in a slip?”

“I prefer to slurp my soup instead of sip, but I will sip it if the ship is not in a slip and it will tip.”

“Go f*ck yourself."