Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The Minnesota Twins were swept by the New York Yankees. It is the worst result for twins since "The Shining."

The Rams' Clay Matthews had to have his jaw wired shut. This is terrible. Why couldn't this have happened to Richard Sherman instead?

Tourists will now be able to visit the infamous reactor 4 control room at Chernobyl. 

Site of the worst decisions ever made prior to the Miami Dolphins' draft picks.

The Cleveland Browns were crushed by the Forty Niners, 28-3. Baker Mayfield had a horrible game. It was the worst experience for a Baker outside of working for the Olive Garden.

Since you asked:

Last night I dreamed my hometown of Winnetka, Illinois had a huge Fourth of July reunion. All of my high school friends were there. Lake Michigan had magically turned into an ocean with juicy 3-foot perfect stand up paddle board waves and I rode them all day.

And somehow they also had magically turned Elm Street into a rapidly flowing tropical river filled with colorful fish, sea turtles, lobsters and crabs that I paddled my board down and jumped out on the lawn of my childhood home. 

On the lawn, my mother was giving away lemonaide, coffee and powdered donuts made slighty damp from the humidity, like she really did on the Fourth of July.

It was such a great dream I did not want to wake up.

Revisionist history has people claiming they were big fans of the cool kids in the Seventies, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Joni, the Doobie Brothers, the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers and the coolest, the Rolling Stones.

But how come so many of the Seventies hits came from the Carpenters, John Denver, Bread, Captain and Tennille, Hall and Oates, (yes, I like some Hall and Oates) Seals and Croft, the Osmonds and even Cher, for crying-out-loud?

There was some serious cornball on the radio and someone was causing them to be hits.