Friday, September 13, 2019

Triple Crown winner Justify tested positive for drugs and should not have been allowed to run in the Kentucky Derby.

In addition to giving up the Triple Crown, they will have to change Justify's name to Unjustified.

They suspected Justify was on drugs when he asked to be traded from the Raiders to the Patriots.

The New York Jets have lost their star quarterback, Sam Darnold, for the season with mononucleosis.

In fact, the only Jets in more trouble belong to Spirit Airlines.

In Alaska, a high school swimmer had her win reinstated after a snotty judge disqualified her for having her suit wedged in her butt.

Now if they could just get that judge's head out of her butt.

Antonio Brown:

Traded from the Steelers to the Raiders. 

Blisters feet in cold tank and cannot practice

Almost retires over fight with the NFL over his helmet

Gets in fight with Raiders' GM calling him a cracker

Accused of rape by a trainer

This guy makes Terrell Owens look like Walter Payton

Antonio Brown charged with rape in Federal court.

"Wait, come back," said Ben Roethlisberger.

Odell Beckham Jr. said he will keep wearing is $350,000 watch during games despite the NFL's rule against it.

It is a special watch, it tells Odell down to the split second when the Cleveland Browns will lose.

Since you asked:

How tender the moment is when you lie down and your thoughts slowly drift off in the fog like a rudderless boat in the tide until your thoughts are not yours, they are your dreams?

(How ‘bout dat shit right 'dere?)