Saturday, December 29, 2018

A president survey ranked Donald Trump 45th. It was awkward when informed, Trump said,

"Awesome, I made the top 50.”

Me: "Do you have any books on apathy?"

Librarian: "Who cares?"

Singer Bebe Rexha called out an unidentified married-with-kids NFL player who keeps texting her to leave her alone. 

We do not know who the player is. But we do know it wasn't Ben Roethlisberger because she wasn't raped.

Richard Overton, the oldest man in the US, died at 112. 

"Oh, my word. He was so young. Was it a car accident?" Asked Larry King.

Since you asked:

There are only four people I know well who are still ardent Trump supporters. And all but one -he loves Trump, but he's mostly an idiot - don’t really like the guy, but they are far-right Republicans who despise all Democrats, especially Hillary. 

Everyone else genuinely hates Donald Trump. 

But of the haters, they all have one specific reason:

Mine was not paying and then suing contractors.

Jay Leno’s is Trump insulting his good friend, John McCain’s heroism.

For many, it was the “Grab them by the pussy” tape.

Mimicking a handicapped reporter.

While hating dogs (that should be reason enough) he calls women he dislikes dogs.  

Leering at naked 16-year-old girl beauty pageant contestants.

Having an affair with a porn star when his wife just gave birth.

Cheating on three wives.

18 sexual harassment lawsuits against him.

Lying about promising to show taxes.

Sucking up to Putin including election meddling. 

For many, it is just the unending lies in general.

More recent republican converts say it was his refusal to honor our military dead due to the rain and then blaming the Secret Service.

Today many have converted because Trump blamed the death of two immigrant children on the Democrats.


Lying to the troops about getting them a 10% raise.

But I have changed. 

Now I hate Donald Trump for stealing money donated by hard-working people to the Trump Foundation thinking it was going to good causes like curing childhood cancer.

Here is my question: How can someone not hate Donald Trump?

Don’t get me wrong. I still hate the Clintons.

Here is the consummate Clinton insight:

The Clintons were infamous for making people wait. Chelsea is on the phone in her room, so they send in a Secret Service agent to tell she has to go. Chelsea ignores him and keeps talking. (This is the guy responsible for taking a bullet for Chelsea, remember)

Finally, after he makes it clear she has to hang up now, Chelsea loudly says into the phone,

“I have to go, the pigs are here.”

Dumbfounded, the Secret Service agent, whose job, once again, is to take a bullet for Chelsea, demanded she explains why she called him a pig. Chelsea snapped,

“Well, that’s what my parents call you.” 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Christmas Carol -- Barbara Allen

And I don't know, lord where I'm goin', I just want to be left alone, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers