Saturday, June 03, 2017

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    1. There was a story on the Internet that claimed it snowed last night in Los Angeles. That turned out to be flake news.


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    1. A story claimed show “Naked and Afraid,” was going to have a guest appearance by Kardashians. Not true, this turned out to be fake nudes.


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    1. There is a story circulating that baby salamanders are being used for extracting their toxins for poison. Turns out this is fake newts.

    It was first reported Kathy Griffin retained a lawyer to go after the Trumps for bullying her. This turns out to be fake sues.
  2. A story reported the latest trend in London is a one-pot dish made out of wine, potatoes and horse meat. Turns out this is fake stews.
  3. San Diego Zoo reported an escaped black antelope-related animal. Turns out it was fake gnus.
  4. It was reported Tiger Woods was asleep when the police approached his car. Woods's people are denying this calling it Fake Snooze.

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    1. There was a report Nike only sold Kevin Durant's new shoes when he was in the game. Not true. This turned out to be fake shoes news.

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      1. In Carlsbad, CA, there was a report of an old bowling ball-looking bomb with a burning rope atop. Turns out it was just fake fuse.