Saturday, March 28, 2015

I officially declare 3-30-15 Munn Day. (See what I did there?)

Alabama defensive lineman, Jonathon Taylor, was arrested for domestic violence for the second time. Because the NFL is cracking down on domestic violence, this could seriously jeopardize Taylor’s NFL chances. Unless he’s a really good player.

There is a viral video of Michael Jordan playing basketball in the Bahamas with Tom Brady. Brady and Jordan are so rich, they don’t play Horse, they play Polo Ponies.

Brady and Jordan are so rich, when they talk trash, their butlers take it away.

Brady and Jordan are so rich, they don't play shirts and skins, they play tuxedoes and dinner jackets. 

Brady and Jordan are so rich, when they drive to the basket, they take a limo. 

Brady and Jordan are so rich, when they bet on the game, they weren't just playing in the Bahamas, they were playing for the Bahamas. 

Now the rumors are Zayn Malik did not quit One Direction, he was fired. Why was Zayn fired from One Direction? He lacked direction. 

There is a viral video of New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady jumping off a high cliff into a pool in Costa Rica. That scurrying sound you hear? That's the Patriot’s legal team adding safety clauses to Brady’s contract.

Since you asked:

Just Marathon-sessioned "Garfunkle and Oates" on Netflix. (Like I said, I prefer Marathon-session to binge-watch, the prior is athletic sounding, the latter all finger-pukey)

What a great show. It looks like they just made one season. That is a shame. This is one of those times I wish I was a real rich dude. Because I would finance a second, third and fourth season just because I want to watch it. 

Garfunkle and Oates - named after the famous second bananas - are a talented comedy folk/rock/rap duo. They are the female Flight of the Conchords, whom I also love. Riki Lindhome (Garfunkle) and Kate Micucci (Oates), yes, like my coochie, are smart, honest, insightful, hip, cute, and funny as all hell. They can write and sing songs like a mofizzy. And their comedy acting chops are strong. 

If there is a criticism it is they sing so fast, and every lyric is witty and precious, I sometimes miss a lot of great lines. But that is probably my fault. (muh, muh, muh my brain ain't been right goodly since Trudy the cow tried to ro, ro, ro, ro ro, romance my head) 

The show has amazing cameos and features the wildly talented and under-used comedian/actress, Natasha Leggaro. Like Lindhome and Micucci, Natasha Leggaro has never been anything but awesome. It even features John Oates as a sleazy porn store proprietor. (They're in a porn shop to buy the DVD of their porn tribute band. I forget their name, something like Garfinger and Butts, featuring the hilarious Abby Elliot and another awesome comedian)

Everyone in the show is top notch, as Judge Smales says, and it includes great cameos like Kevin Pollak and Jason Ritter, although Ritter seems a little stiff. 

Great streaming gem, "Garfunkle and Oates." It is like finding an awesome neighborhood bar and grill that has just opened and nobody has heard of it yet. The only people in the joint are cool and funny. Just like you. 

But last call came way too fast. Only eight episodes. Just wish there was more.

There is a viral video of New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady, jumping off a high cliff into a pool in Costa Rica. If he was a Seattle Seahawk, he would have passed on the jump.

Russell Wilson is back at Spring Training with the Texas Rangers. So if he reaches third base can the Rangers call on Marshawn Lynch as a pinch-runner to score?

-Janice Hough