Friday, February 23, 2007

It is hard out here

We are back from the attack on the cat track, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Uh, no Paris, that’s not, oh forget it
Paris Hilton was shown on TV at the prestigious Vienna Opera looking really bored. It was a little awkward when Paris asked; “So when does Oprah show up?”  

So chic
The latest fashion trend for young women is wearing a mini skirt with big furry Ugg boots. This trend was started by the Eskimo prostitute, Nanookie of the North.  

Or something like that
Britney Spears was spotted in a tattoo parlor with a shaved head. It turns out it was a terrible misunderstanding. Paris Hilton told Britney let’s go out and get really balled.  

Sending a message
Al Gore has confirmed 100 of the top artists will perform across the world in a 24-hour concert against global warming. And what could say stop global warming better than 100 rock stars flying private jets after their ten semi-trailers have unloaded their billion watt amplifiers?  

Deadly title
The rumor in Iraq is that the #2 al Qaeda leader has been killed. The makes #2 al Qaeda leader the deadliest title to hold right after world’s oldest person.

Nice try
Tim Hardaway is back-peddling faster than he ever did in the NBA about his I hate gay people tirade. Today Hardaway said; “Did it sound like I said I hate gay people? No, I said I hate gabe people. Yeah, I really hate Gabe Kaplan.  

Tim Hardaway is back-peddling faster than he ever did in the NBA about his I hate gay people tirade. On the bright side Hardaway is going to star in a movie with Mel Gibson and Isaiah Washington promoting gay Jewish people called; “Not For Nothing, But You’re Fabulous.”

Since you asked:
Just got back from a great trip to South Lake Tahoe at Heavenly ski resort. Wow. What a view from the top of the California side. Literally breathtaking. My snowboarding improved on the groomed runs. (In all modesty, it doesn’t need improving in the powder)

Lost a clean $100 at blackjack and that includes winning $100 on the last hand. Do not attempt to drink free vodka and count at the same time.

We got slammed by a classic Sierra snow storm yesterday and barely made it down the mountain to make our flight.

“Donner, party of eight, your table is ready.”

Guess who I ran into –again literally – at the Sacramento airport yesterday? Flava Flav. No lie, big clock and all. He seemed pretty nice. Goofy as a drunk Chihuahua, but nice.

My new restaurant:

Here is my latest greatest: a restaurant that features Southeastern Asian/Mexican fusion cuisine called:

Thai Juan On.

Try the Pad Thai Enchilada