Friday, January 30, 2015

Rap mogul, Suge Knight, was arrested for a hit-and run murder. If found innocent, this will bring a different meaning to a bad rap.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Super Bowl halftime is going to be great. Lenny Kravitz has a new single written just for the Super Bowl. It’s titled: 

“I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined.”

The fire alarm at the Arizona hotel where the New England Patriots are staying has gone off twice in the middle of the night. It scared Tom Brady so much, he fell of his Giselle and landed on his Bundchen.

They are going to remake “Ghostbusters” with an all-woman cast. That is great. As long as they also cast a woman in the lead of the “The Justin Bieber Story.”

California has declared e-cigarettes a health hazard. So not only if you smoke e-cigarettes are you a douche, you’re an unhealthy douche.

Finally some good news for L.A. Lakers fans. Kobe Bryant underwent successful surgery on his shoulder. Kobe should be up and not passing to anyone in no time.

The fire alarm at the Arizona hotel where the New England Patriots are staying has gone off twice in the middle of the night. Although it looks suspicious, the Seattle Seahawks say any charges against them are inflated.

After his presidential election loss in 2012, Mitt Romney built five mansions. One in Massachusetts, one in New Hampshire, two in Utah and one in La Jolla, California. “I’ll take the five whitest places in the US” for $500, Alex.”

Excited for the Super Bowl halftime. Yes, Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz are great, but I can’t wait until the Navy Seal sniper shoots the underinflated ball off Michael Moore’s head.

Take Eliza Coupe

Add Alex Morgan

And you get Iliza Schlesinger

Saw Iliza's "Freezing Hot" last night. It was good. She is funny and talented. A wild ride through the mind of a funny, smart, hot woman. Lots of "Women are crazy" "Men are crazier" stuff. 

It was also kind of exhausting. Her act is so polished and fast, she never really catches her breath. She does funny voices - not impressions - and has some nutty insights. Apparently being  hot and successful woman comedian is harder than it looks. 

500 Days Of Summer - You Make My Dreams

Yes, I have mentioned this before, but . . . 

Had this moment at the end of my Junior year in high school. Led the league in rushing in football, dated a few cheerleaders, did great on my finals and was booked to fly to California to compete in the Junior Nationals where I would be the only 16-year-old in the country to score over 6,000 points in the Decathlon. 

One year later, I tore my hamstring, the girl I was dating dumped me for our sister school's QB and the California college I was headed to informed me they gave my out-of-state spot to a pole vaulter from North Carolina. 

My point? Enjoy these moments when you can. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Insult your fan's intelligence? Check.

Complain about being a rich celebrity? Check.

Insult your fan's intelligence again? Check.

Chop off your hair? Check.

Complain about being a rich celebrity again? Check.

Look surly all the time? Check.

Take a couple years off? Check.

Kristen Stewart reading from Natalie Maines's guide : 

"How to Ruin a Hot Career"
“Twilight” star, Kristen Stewart announced she is taking a break from movies. Getting paid tens of millions of dollars to recite lines just became too much.

 Stewart plans on getting a relaxing, low-paying 9-5 job and enjoy commuting for hours each day in snarled traffic.

Bruce Jenner announced he will make a documentary of his “journey” for “E.” Jenner did not specify the journey, but in basketball terms, he is going from playing for Ball State to the Clippers.