Monday, February 16, 2004

We off for a few days, Slats and Nuggies. See you Friday. Going snowboarding in Mammoth. Wish me luck.

You gotta wonder
You have to wonder if Michael Jackson is for same sex marriage. Because when he was married, he wasn’t the same sex he is now.

I like the direction this is going
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 40th Anniversary issue is out. Many pictures feature models merely holding their swimsuits. Next year, I say they take the next step and feature the swimsuits in one issue and the models in another.
One picture features model Marisa Miller and three sheep. Or as the call that in New Zealand, a manage-a-quatre.

Long John
After three rounds John Daly is leading the Buick Open at Torrey Pines. Now, I don’t want to imply that Daly is a little hefty, but now that same sex marriages are being issued in California, John Daly could marry his own ass. (Just kiddng, we love the big lug)

Sound familiar?
Presidential candidate Howard Dean denied reports that his top aides were getting ready to leave his campaign. Poor Howard, he went from the number one contender to Baghdad Bob. “We are destroying the infidels. Yaaaaahhhgggg.”

Go figure
Experimental surgery now allows doctors to kill cancer using a high-density sound. Who could have imagined that, one day, your life may be saved by a Yoko Ono CD?

A ringer
55-year-old George Foreman said he might make a boxing comeback. He can’t lose. Anyone who tries to hit Foreman can be charged with elder abuse.

Good ‘ol boy
The democrats criticize President’s Bush for trying to avoid the Vietnam war while promoting their candidate, John Kerry, who ended up an outspoken protestor of that war. In the South that’s called snatching someone baldheaded and then kicking their butt because they’re bald.

My expert interpretation
A Princeton physicist used M&M's to investigate the physical and mathematical principles involved when oblate spheroids particles- M&M’s - are poured randomly into a vessel and are compacted more densely than regular spheres. Or, as I read that: M&Ms blah blah blah M&M’s blah blah blah.