Monday, February 27, 2006

Its time to lay down

Where you been at, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers?

Sorry for the delay, Slats and Nuggies. Was in Colorady schoolin’ them Cooper Mountain home-skillet-omelets on the ways of righteous snowboarding. By that I mean, I got out of their way as they screamed past me as I meandered and ambled down the slopes.

Since you asked:

Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Garnett was kicked out of a game after he tossed a ball into the stands and it hit a fan. The NBA has had problems of players hitting or confronting fans, ala Ron Artest. This is not one of those problems. Garnett, a great guy by all accounts, tossed the ball out of frustration and it accidentally hit a fan. (Imagine? A ball going into the stands at a game?)

The last thing anyone needs to do is defend the behavior of spoiled, petulant NBA players, but fair is fair; unlike Ron Artest, Garnett didn’t mean to hit the fan and he profusely apologized. What a shock, the doughy fan did not accept; he was too busy eyeballing dollar signs floating in his fat head. This greasy, sleaze-bucket terrified his own sobbing daughter by pretending to be badly hurt and insisted on being taken out on a stretcher. (He was reportedly fine soon after)

If this gold-bricking Jamoke doughy fan gets one dime from Garnett or the NBA it is proof that our legal system is more messed up than Bode Miller after happy hour.

Speaking of sports.

This week’s “Sports Illustrated” features a living litmus test; if you can read Rick Reilly’s “Heart and Seoul” about adopted Korean freestyle skier Toby Dawson and Reilly’s own adopted Korean daughter, Rae, and her quest to meet her birth mother without crying, well, you’re dead inside.

Not to say I told you so, but I could have told you so about the celebrity death Trifecta. It was completed today, sadly, with Dennis Weaver. First Don Knotts, then Darren McGavin and now Dennis Weaver. Was a fan of all three but for vastly different reasons. My man was Dennis Weaver. Loved “McCloud.” Weaver was a real cowboy and he was a stud hurdler and decathlete in his day at U of Oklahoma. 6th at the Olympic trials in 1948.

Weaver walked the walk when it came to the environment. Built his house near Telluride all of recycled materials and used solar heating.