Monday, April 06, 2009

We gonna bust the move that puts the break in Spring Break, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Nice digs
The new Yankee stadium is quite plush. In the clubhouse Madonna has her own private bedroom.

In the locker room bathrooms they installed automatic steroid butt injectors.

The new Yankee stadium is quite plush. They thought of everything. Now Alex Rodriguez has his own private press room where he can lie to the media personally.

Good for them
An Iowa court has approved gay marriage. This is great news for the gay people of Iowa, all three of them.

Nice change
Barack Obama is in Germany. It’s a nice change having a president who doesn’t giggle every time he hears the word Düsseldorf.

That too
This Monday we get down to the final two. And besides the US automobile industry, we have the NCAA basketball tournament finals .

And there is that reason
A study reveals the majority of successful dieters lose weight on their own. They don’t get any help from plans or programs, they lose weight just with their sheer will and the fact they now can’t afford to buy food.

That hurts
You know Facebook? You can ask to add somebody as a friend on your Facebook page, but they have to agree. It’s embarrassing when somebody says no. Basically they’re telling you you’re not worth the effort of a split second single point and click.

Admit it
This just came out so you might not have heard this. Did you hear what happened to Bernie Madoff in prison? Bernie Madoff was beaten by a gang within in inch of his life. Now, that is actually not true, but you have to admit it made you feel better for a second to hear it.

Not good
A court in Malawi turned down Madonna’s adoption request. First Guy Ritchie divorces her then Alex Rodriguez dumps her, then her 22-year-old Brazilian boy toy dumps her and now she can’t adopt a boy. Things are bad for Madonna when Rosie O’Donnell is doing better with the guys.