Wednesday, October 17, 2007

That how we do, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers


Hardee's is offering a 920-calorie and 62 grams of fat breakfast burrito. But be warned, do not attempt to eat this 920-calorie burrito unless you have enough time in the day to be dead.

If you do eat the 920 calorie breakfast burrito, I’ve got two good pieces of advice: loosen your belt and update your will.

This burrito will make you so stuffed you will be rendered temporarily deaf.

Fierce DNA
In Chicago they are conducting a study of gay brothers to determine if homosexuality is caused by DNA. It turns out gayness is not caused by DNA, it is caused by DKNY, Donna Karan, New York.

The name of the gay study is the Aiken/Seacrest Report. (Which is also a sign you might be gay, if you pass out and wake up with an Aiken/Seacrest)

What’s not to hate?
The critics hate NBC’s “The Singing Bee” hosted by ex-*NSYNC’s Joey Fatone. It combines three of the worst things: Karaoke, reality TV and a dude from a boy band. It could only be worse if they combined dog fighting, a Britney Spears concert and a Paris Hilton poetry recital.