Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It is hard out here

Oh yes, we all of that and then some more of all of that, and a little bit on the side, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Sounds like Cheney
Mastercard is running a commercial writing contest on Priceless.com. I think Dick Cheney entered:

Bird Shot shells, $20

New Hunting jacket $110

Italian hand made shot gun $2,000

Shooting a lawyer and getting away with it? Priceless.

Since you asked:

As I may have mentioned, every day for our younger lab, Wrigley, is akin to “Groundhog Day.” Eats the same thing at the same time, has the exact same routine. But rather than being bored, Wrigley acts as if he won the lottery every day. He is so ecstatic to get up and get fed it almost breaks your heart – feeling sorry for yourself.

Part of our morning routine is that I sit with Wrigley for a little bit at the top of the stairs and rub his chest and his back – he is a shameless butt rubbing loving dog – and play, coo and wrestle with him. And then I say OK, and he bounds downstairs all hunkered down and scampering, all elbows and something else the Marines say.

One morning I was in a big hurry and decided to skip the cuddling and butt rubbing phase and just hurry up and feed him. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, he wasn’t there. He was standing at the top of the stairs with the most amazing expression of shock and genuinely hurt feelings you have ever seen a dog have: tail drooped, ears hanging. I had to walk back up and commence with the petting to cheer him up.

When Wrigley first bounded down the stairs he hit the hardwood floor and would try to stop always ending in much frantic paw skating and then a spectacular wipe out. He finally learned to run past the hardwood onto the oriental carpet under the dinning room table. There he had traction where he pulls a 180 degree about face for his food bowl.

The other day the carpet was gone due to our preparing for a remodel. Wrigley hit the floor running and when he got to where the carpet should have been he hit the brakes in a flurry of Wiley Coyote-like blurry scampering to try and stop only to slide steadily right smack into the wall. He was fine. On the other hand, I think I pulled an abdomen muscle from laughing.