Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why they got to go and bring all of that mess up in here, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers?

Hate to hear that
Did you have a good Fourth of July? You know who didn’t have a good Fourth? President Bush. It happened again, he forgot what date the Fourth of July was this year and missed it.

Sky rockets in flight
Did you see fireworks? They are amazing these days. During the fireworks there were more Ohh’s and ahh’s than were coming from Angelina Jolie’s bedroom.

Woman on the pole
In Kansas, Danica Patrick finished a respectable ninth in the Indy Racing League’s Argent Mortgage 300. Initially, Patrick earned the pole position. The only other woman to earn the pole position in Kansas was a stripper named Brandi at the Topeka Bada Bing Gentleman’s Club.

Popular gal
Sonya Thomas won the women’s division of the Nathan Famous hot dog eating contest eating 37 hot dogs in under 12 minutes. This officially breaks the unofficial woman’s record for hot dog eating set last week by Kirstie Alley at Dodger’s Stadium.

The 105 pound Sonya won a year’s worth of Nathan’s hot dogs and 375 date offers from guys.

Zee many colors, oui?
In today’s team trial of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong captured the leader’s yellow jersey. There’s a green jersey for the leading sprinter, a polka dot jersey for the leading mountain rider and the less coveted pink jersey for the rider that Richard Simmons thinks looks the cutest in his tight little bike shorts.

The Boss
On George Steinbrenner’s 4th of July 75th birthday, the New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 13-8. At one point, the Yankees blew a six run lead but came back. It was so tense, Steinbrenner hired and fired his personal assistant six times.

Since you asked:
We had a good fourth. Two BBQ’s on Sunday. Yesterday took it easy and then BBQ’d bacon cheese burgers. And, thanks to our neighbor’s recent tree trimming, we had a clear shot from our backyard at Fireworks in the distance coming from Miramar, I think.

Yesterday, Virg and Ann Caroline saw a movie. I asked her which movie and Ann Caroline, who is smart as a whip, but still has a little trouble pronouncing her L’s said;

“Herbie Fuwy Woaded” with Windsey Wohan.”