Saturday, January 29, 2005

I am almost done with my long computer nightmare. One thing. You friends and regular A.L.B.B. readers - all five of you - I need you to send me an email. Setting up my computer for Outlook Express somehow knocked out my old addresses, so if you send one to me, I can send it back and it is back in the address book again. This is until I find someone smarter than me (that shouldn’t be very hard) who can find the addresses and get them on my new gear.

You folks know who you are. Thanks.

Oh, and anyone near downtown San Diego tonight, stop by Dick's Last Resort. I'm sitting in on harmonica with the band Inside Out. Should be a good show. The KGB radio folks I write for, Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw gave it a plug so there should be a decent crowd. Actually, it was Shelly who plugged the Dick's gig. Eww, that doesn't sound right at all . . .

And check out the hilarious guy with number 3 on the top ten list.