Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Good times, bad times, it’s time to ramble on to a whole lotta love before the levee breaks, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

What's the deal big?
This whole brouhaha over Rush Limbaugh’s pain-killer addiction is being way overblown. I’ve taken a couple of Vicodin from time to time and it didn’t have hardly any mind on my effect . . . what was I saying? Oh yeah, go Cubs.

Maybe we messed up
*Arnold said today no more movies while he’s governor. Because he’s got to concentrate on the job, no more movies. Maybe we should have elected Madonna?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was surprised at how cut-throat his opponents were during the campaign. How bad is politics when an admitted Hollywood groper thinks it’s sleazy?

Standing tall before the man
*In a response to the NFL’s ruling to prevent him from running through the opposing team’s warm-up area, Warren Sapp compared the NFL to slavery. My history is a little rusty, but were there many slaves making $10 million a year who could quit whenever they wanted to?

A tough job
*This grocery strike is getting annoying. The temporary cashier asked me; “Sir, do you want paper or, oh shoot, what’s that other thing?”

Actually, I haven’t crossed the grocery store picket line. It’s not that I am supporting the strike as much as it violates rule number one: Never, ever, make anyone who handles your food mad.

Thank you, thank you very Rush
*Rush Limbaugh has announced he’s addicted to painkillers, checked himself into rehab. How many people ever thought that Rush and Elvis would have something in common?

Now that’s hard
*Did you see that nasty knuckle ball Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield threw? It’s harder to hit that thing than it is to listen to an actor discuss “their craft.”

What a stud
*The New York Yankees pitcher David Wells missed a start because – get ready for this- he pulled a groin trying to leave the bench for the game three skirmish. What an athlete. This Wells guy makes Lance Armstrong look like a lazy slacker.

Wells was rushing to Don Zimmer’s defense because those handsome muscular guys with good hair have to stick together.

Have you seen New York Yankees Don Zimmer sitting on the bench next to pitcher David Wells? It’s like looking at a pair of homemade shoes: you can’t figure out which one is uglier.

Since you asked:
Don't panic, fellow Cubbies fans. The ivy is fine, it is not dying. The reason that it is turning red is because we are actually witnessing something we've never seen: Wrigley Field in Autumn.

Is there anything that is more beautiful than Wrigley Field draped in bunting in the Fall that isn't named Heather Graham? Me thinks not.

Go Cubs! Or as Rush would say it, Cubs Go!

Since you asked, system two:
At this juncture – and really, who uses the word juncture? – I would like to address the regular “A Little Bit Bad” readers, and besides you six, anyone else for that matter. This entry addresses the format, or lack of one, on this blog.

See, Slats and Nugs, it was my intention, for better or for worse, to focus on the words. By not cluttering this site with a lot of photos, links and fancy graphics, I wanted to, in an ironic way, make this a type of retro-site, if you will. It is my nod to try and juxtapose the high-tech Internet with old-fashioned simplicity.

As a friend of mine once sagely noted, there is always going to be a bigger, fancier ship than yours in every port, so why not focus on trying to make your ship as good as it can be?

That and I don’t know how to do any of that fancy techie crap.

Go Cubs!