Friday, February 24, 2017

#1 ranked Gonzaga destroyed USD, 96-38. Upon hearing of the Gonzaga annihilation, Betsy DeVos said, "Hasn't that monster done enough damage to Tokyo?"

The judge has ruled Bill Cosby will only have to face two sexual assault accusers instead of a possible 14. Or as Cosby calls it: a two-on-one or menages a trois. 

“The New York Times” and “CNN” were barred from a press conference in the White House after reporting negative stories about Donald Trump. Rumor has it they will only be allowed back in if the promise to report Trump has huge hands.

Why do I get the feeling Donald Trump was that kid in high school who threw parties just so he could not invite certain people? 

You know that old a-hole customer at McDonalds yelling at the kid behind the counter because he feels he was shorted in french fries? 

We elected him president.