Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Zsa Zsa Gabor passed at 99. Apparently she died of an excessive Zsa. 

Blac Chyna broke up with Rob Kardashian. Wow, 2016, you just had to get in one more vicious hit, didn’t you? 

Scientists have discovered a new alternative to female Viagra. It is called “Giving her cash for Happy Hour.”

Scientists have discovered a new alternative to female Viagra. It is called “Hagen Das, Ryan Gosling Netflix Marathon and Chill.”

In San Bernardino, a man who tried to rob a sex shop with a fake gun, was thwarted when the two women clerks threw dildos at him. The robbery will be placed into the Freudian Imagery Hall of Fame.

The NFL announced it will not fine Cowboy Ezekiel Elliott for jumping into the Salvation Army red kettle in the Dallas end zone because it is a charity. But if he jumps into one of the Cialis bathtubs, he will be fined. 

It is the one year anniversary of when golfer, Jayson Day’s, wife, Ellie, had LeBron James land on top of her at a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Day said his wife is doing fine and has stopped muttering “LeBron” in her sleep.

During the San Diego Chargers loss to the Raiders, a video has emerged of a security guard masturbating in front of the cheerleaders. They’re pretty sure he was a Raider fan because a Charger fan can’t get up for the fourth quarter.

Since you asked:

There is an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter” of a 90-year-old Jerry Lewis being a world-class schmuck. It turns out he is not a nice Laaaaaaaadie. 

The endless reports of Jerry Lewis being a bitter alcoholic are all true times ten. And this was decades before he was 90. 

It is great Jerry did as much as he did for charity. But it is also great his legacy will be he is remembered as other-worldly putz. 

Many years ago, a buddy of mine and I launched an epic early morning post-storm attack on Big Bear. We had a room at the Holliday Inn including a lift ticket for $35 each. We were the fourth car allowed up the hill when they opened the mountain at 7:00 am. We skied/snowboarded powder all day. 

We finished off the powder early the next morning and left before noon. We just happened to find out about a picnic at Powers Park in Del Mar that late afternoon and attended. 

Without even planning it, I was flying in the snow in the morning and had my feet in the surf in the afternoon. 

As a huge Christian McCaffrey fan, his decision to bail on his team's Sun Bowl?  Gotta give that a giant "Uh oh." 

In the world that is all things football, the choices are simple. Is a decision closer to what Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson would do? Or is it closer to what Walter Payton would have done? 

This one is on the Ocho side by far. 

Just saw “Sullly.” Hollywood says, “Based on a true story,” because they have to fix it up to make it entertaining. In this case, the closer they stayed to the truth, the more amazing it was. Great story. Great man.