Monday, February 08, 2016

Last year, Tom Brady gave his Super Bowl MVP truck to the player who won the game for them, safety Malcolm Butler. So is Von Miller giving his truck to Cam Newton or Doritos? 

Since you asked:

Many sports writers are complaining Cam Newton was a sore loser after the Super Bowl. The guy is 26. When I was 26 I was trying to decide whether to use all my remaining money to do the laundry or buy beer. No, I’m lying. I bought beer. 

You can forever count me as a fan of Cam Newton. He won the MVP by a deserved landslide.  He has fun - when he's winning - and he gives balls to little kids. 

But Cam had a crappy game. Yes, the Denver Defense helped him have a crappy game, but 18 of 41 and a passer rating of 55.4 and three awful turnovers, not to mention a fumble he did not try for. And it was horribly lame the way Cam pouted at the press conference and walked out on the press. 

If Cam does not want to look like the endless list of spoiled rotten and entitled celebrities who love getting great tables at restaurants and receiving $200,000 worth of Oscar gift bags, but get a poopy diaper anytime someone takes their picture or asks for an autograph, then he needs some PR work.