Saturday, February 06, 2016

Would somebody please slap this face?

Martin Shkreli, the smug AIDs drug over-pricer, appeared smirking in front of congress and repeatedly invoked his fifth amendment rights. In an unprecedented occurrence, the fifth amendment told Shkreli to go screw himself. 

In a related story, Martin Shkreli set a new world record for having the face the most people want to slap. 

Rumor has it Kim Kardashian was so furious over Kanye West’s Twitter feud with his ex, Amber Rose, and her claiming to have inserted fingers in Kanye’s butt, that Kim wants a divorce. The last thing Kanye needs: another pain in the ass. 

One thing somebody famous for a sex tape cannot stand, it is the public exposing of private sexual acts.

Kanye has 99 problems, but the fear of a prostate exam isn't one of them.

(Yes, I know that is a Jay Z song)