Friday, February 05, 2016

Bonnie Raitt - Burning Down The House

UCLA study claims 54 million people with overweight to obese BMI indexes are healthy. Chris Christie was so happy about this he re-opened a bridge. 

Don’t know if PED’s is how Peyton’s forehead grows/ but if you want to plug a tight end, talk to Amber Rose. #MySuperBowlRap

The Marco Rubio campaign is selling a t-shirt that calls Rubio “BAE.” Hillary Clinton is calling the t-shirt; “The swaggiest swag in swaggerville. Not.” 

One of the keys of the Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos will by to try and stop Carolina Panther tight end, Greg Olsen. In fact, the Broncos will have to stick it to that tight end like Amber Rose did to Kanye. 

Sadly, in New York, a 22-story crane collapsed in lower Manhattan on Worth St. Hopefully this tragedy will be rectified when Viagra sees the marketing opportunity. 

In New York, a 22-story crane collapsed in lower Manhattan on Worth St. The crane operator swears this has never happened before. 

In La Jolla, CA, a sea lion pup crawled into the booth of a beach-front restaurant. He was kicked out for barking at the waitress. 

He jumped through hoops to get the reservation. 

“Playboy” printed its first issue with no naked women. In mourning, men are wearing their zippers at half-mast. 

Since you asked:

At a Super Bowl press conference, a reporter questioned Cam Newton’s wearing socks with sandals. At 6.5, 250 pounds with a 4.59 40-yard-dash, Cam Newton could wear a tiara and a tutu and that whimpy little reporter would still have to eat a hot slice of shut-the-hell-up pie. 

In his latest assault charge, Cleveland QB, Johnny Manziel, denied hitting his ex-girlfriend. You know how they say where there is smoke there is fire? In Manziel’s case where there is a nuclear meltdown there is a radiation leak.  The rate Manziel is melting down, his nickname will be Johnny "Chopsticks."

In a related story, Manziel’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, released a statement cutting ties with Manziel. In a flagrant and phony attempt to look concerned, by cutting ties with the floundering Manziel, Burkhardt is merely issuing a self-serving publicity stunt. Why wouldn't Burkhardt take the high road and cut ties with Manziel privately? What a sleazy tool Burkhardt is to try and cash in on his client’s problems.  

The real factor is Burkhardt sees that the amount of work needed to promote the free-falling Manziel versus his soon-dropping payroll will not pay off for Burkhardt. The work goes up and money goes down? He's gone. But why do it publicly? 

In short, just when Manziel needs his help, Burkhardt is cashing in his ill-gotten chips. 

Maybe it’s just me, but, outside of the Carolinas and Colorado, there does not seem to be a lot of excitement about this Super Bowl.  Do we blame Coldplay? 

Obviously the sentimental favorite is Peyton Manning. Yes, I would like to see him go out a winner like his boss, John Elway. 

But I cannot stand the Cam Newton critics for objecting to Cam’s having fun while playing a damn game. 

The only two outcomes I see are either a come-from-behind last-minute win by Denver or a blow-out by the Panthers. Tom Brady was hobbled and was an easy target for Denver’s defense. Cam Newton is not hobbled to say the least. 

In order for the Broncos to stay in the game, running back C.J. Anderson will have to come up big. 

So this is more of what I want to happen than what I think will happen:

31-28. Denver. 

If Cam Newton wins, he will be one of only 11 players who have won a Heisman Trophy and a Super Bowl. 11. Once again, great job Heisman Committee. They would have had to try and keep that number that low. And they had to give the Heisman to Newton. Andrew Luck was a distant second pick and third was the vaunted LeMichael “Even I don’t know who I am” James.