Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris Strong

ISIS now stands for Idiots So Insanely Screwed

The NFL admits the all-green and all-red uniforms during the Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game were a mistake due to the color-blind not being able to distinguish the teams. And they still cannot figure out if the cheerleaders’ dresses were white and gold or blue and black.

In Orlando, a prostitute offered free oral sex to veterans on Veterans Day. Now that is a woman who puts her mouth where her mouth is. 

Kim Kardashian told “E News” that her pregnancy is “awful” and “I hate it.” Good to see Kim get a head start in the Mother-Of-The-Year contest. 

A Chinese billionaire bought the Blue Moon diamond for $48 million and gave it to his seven-year-old daughter. Thus ruining his daughter for other men for the rest of her life. “Oh, you bought me a Ferrari? How cute. Have you seen my $48 million dollar ring by any chance?” 

First they said the drone “evaporated” Jihadi John. Now they say they are fairly sure they got him. Next thing we know Jihadi John will be in a hospital with Khloe Kardashian by his side. 

Dr. Ben Carson said our country’s problem is arrogance. Having a brain surgeon call us arrogant is like having a Kardashian calling us publicity whores.