Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Since you asked:

Drexel University has joined the long list of colleges to revoke their honorary degree to Bill Cosby due to his sexual predatory past. 

All that means nothing unless University of Massachusetts at Amherst revokes the trumped-up doctorate degree they gave Bill Cosby in 1976 in a deal with the devil. UMass, excuse me, doctored a deal with Cosby to give him credit for the work he was doing anyway on “The Electric Company.” Cosby then paid a writer to write his doctorate thesis. 

Cosby, who never graduated from his high school, let alone a college, got paid to get a doctorate, a title he throws around with a vengeance, and UMass got free publicity. (Nobody should legally be able to use the title doctor in their name who cannot save a life on an airplane, but that is another story) 

Well, that free publicity for UMass Amherst is turning into a nightmare. 

So folks, as of now, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst still believes that Bill Cosby is deserving of their doctorate title. 

Contact John Kennedy if you disagree.