Friday, November 06, 2015

In an interview, Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice, claimed he was the most well-endowed guy in the NFL. Turns out Rice is not just a 49’er, he’s also a 12 and- a-half’er.

The size isn't Jerry's problem. Let's just say the women nicknamed him "Minute Rice." 

Dallas Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones, supports Greg Hardy, but said he did not have access to the pictures of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend’s disturbing bruises. A new stadium and no WiFi. Man, $1.2 billion does not buy you as much as it used to. 

$1.2 billion for a stadium and it doesn't come with WiFi. My daughter's Ford Fusion came with WiFi.

Sharon Stone is posing naked for “Harpers Bizarre” at age 57. She looks great, but she is getting up there. Unlike “Fatal Attraction,” now when Sharon uncrosses her legs, what do you see? Depends.