Friday, November 06, 2015

You can tell we have passed from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Donald Trump’s spray tan has gone from Carmel Corn orange/yellow to Pumpkin Sienna. 

A Florida man faces over a year in jail for animal cruelty after he bit and injured his dog. In a related story, this story is extremely confusing to the people of North Korea. 

Real Madrid’s, Karim Benzema, has been arrested for bribing another player with a sex tape. There is a sex tape scandal in the NFL. The game films of the Detroit Lions show them screwing their season.   

The Department of Homeland Security has approved Secret Service protection for Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Their Secret Service codenames are the Coma and the Combover. 

A New York Met fan got a Mets 2015 World Champions tattoo before the World Series. Those Mets fans are cocky, even Mr. Met has a big head.