Monday, October 26, 2015

Donald Trump said he had a rough start with just a small million dollar loan from his father. You have to remember this was way back in 1973 when a million dollars was seven times more of a ridiculously huge amount than it is today.

I'll never forget when my dad lent me a million bucks. Or was it a clean shirt? Yeah, it was a clean shirt. 

In Indiana, a woman was shot in the foot when her dog stepped on her shotgun. Her dog’s name is Trigger. Good thing she left her dog Sniper at home. 

Mike Tyson is endorsing Donald Trump. And if you can’t trust the political advice of a guy who lost $300 million, but gained a face tattoo, who can you trust?

The Detroit Lions new offensive coordinator is Jim Bob Cooter. That call home must have been interesting;

"No, I’m not lyin’, I’m a Lion. I’m not lyin’ ‘bout nothin’, I’m a Lion. What do you mean about what? I'm a Lion.” 

In Indiana, a woman was shot in the foot when her dog, Trigger, stepped on her shotgun. The NRA impulsively responded; "Think how much worse it could have been if the dog wasn't armed . . . wait, I think I did this wrong . . ." 

Mike Tyson is saying of Donald Trump; “He should be president of the United States.” That or he said; “He shoo-bee pessimist of humidor essays.”  

Don't get Iron Mike started talking about how much he likes Trump, he'll chew your ear off.

In Washington, New Jersey Gov., Chris Christie, was kicked out of an Amtrak quiet car for yelling. Apparently, in the quiet car, you can’t scream; “Why didn’t you tell me they do not have pudding on this train?”