Friday, October 31, 2014

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Apple CEO, Tim Cook, revealed that he is gay. And next month Cook will announce he is the new iGay 6. 

I’m so excited about my Halloween costume. I’m going as a slutty quarantined Maine Ebola nurse.

A judge has ordered the Maine nurse exposed to Ebola, Kaci Hickox, to stay three feet from people. It’s the same arrangement Kris and Bruce Jenner had during their marriage.

Since you asked:

Heckling Bruce Jenner on his home golf course is over the line.
Next to Nike, Bruce Jenner is the #1 aLBb whipping boy. Yes, he is an ass. Yes, when I spoke to him, he was amazingly rude. Yes, he is the reality-TV personification of almost all that is wrong in society. Yes, he is also the personification of entitlement gone amuck.

But a man’s home golf course is sacred. He should not be hassled or heckled there. It is a sanctuary and should be regarded as such. Bruce has not OJ'd anyone to my knowledge, so let him be. 

Besides, steroids aside, this guy is a gold medal winner for the USA in the best single athletic endeavor there is, the Decathlon. With that comes the title Worlds Greatest Athlete. He had the world record. No matter how far off the plantation Jenner wanders, he is entitled to respect for his past achievements.