Monday, October 27, 2014

"Make a wish with this . . . "

During Sunday night’s Fox broadcast of the fifth game of the World Series, it was revealed the San Francisco Giants employ a sleep coach. Don’t confuse this with the Chicago Cubs. They employ a coma coach.
As opposed to the New York Jets who recently employed a nightmare coach.

Since you asked:
As a Bear fan, the jury is in on Jay Cutler. 
For the longest time, I was an ardent supporter. He seemed like a guy who got a bad rap. Kind of guy haters just love to hate. They called him soft when he hurt his knee and that was unfair.

It doesn't help Jay Cutler that Cutler's default expression is Stanley Laurel getting his period.

Then I saw a video of a “Make a Wish” 10-year-old kid from the Chicago suburbs with leukemia. The cute little blonde guy was wearing a Jay Cutler jersey and said Jay was his idol. (This kind of stuff lights me up as I am an utter sap)
The Bears signed him to a one -day contract, and he gave a press conference. Then he want out to see the players after practice.
As I readied the Kleenex box, the practice ended and Jay Cutler walked up. Not smiling. Said a few words. Signed his name on a toy football. Walked away.
Then the rest of the Bears tried to make up for Cutler and fell all over the kid signing his jersey, giving him gloves and joking around with him.
Someone from the Bears' P.R. department must have gotten wind of Cutler’s inexplicably chilly behavior to a terminally ill little boy and had Cutler sign a pair of cleats and somebody - not Cutler - gave them to the kid.
But I know what I saw and what I saw was inexcusably selfish and churlish behavior given the circumstances. It would have taken zero, nil, nunca, nada, zip effort on Cutler's part to extend just a modicum of exuberance to the kid. How about playing catch? No? What a schmuck. Done. 
Maybe this was another endless example of the-always-candid Jay Cutler being who he is.

But if that is who he is, Jay Cutler is an a-hole.