Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jon Hyder

Buster Posey
Seperated at birth? 

Ned Yost Does Not Boast

Guess who is back on the New York Yankees roster after a year suspension? Alex Rodriguez. “This should more than make up for losing Derek Jeter,” said nobody.

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series. In San Francisco’s Castro district, men were ripping off their clothes, swilling champagne and dancing in the street. When asked how long they would celebrate the Giants win, they said; “What Giants win?”

This weekend we set our clocks back one hour. This means on Sunday the New York Jets will lose an hour and a game.

V.P. Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to Morocco, Ukraine and Turkey to discuss foreign policy. Which means we will soon be at war with Morocco, Ukraine and Turkey.

Since you asked:

They say the Kansas City Royals manager, Ned Yost, is humble. That means:

Ned Yost does not boast.

He does not boast on the coast

He does not boast eating toast

He would not boast as a host

Even if he became a ghost

Ned Yost will not boast

If speaking at an Army Post

No boast would come from Yost

The most Ned Yost might boast?

If he grilled a good prime roast.

Yes, I am happy my adopted-for-the-playoff Fog City G'ints won, but I got noffins but love for the Royal fans.