Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"You had me at "What the hell?"

(Assist Janice Hough)

Down one game to the San Francisco Giants, the Kansas City Royals have not been in the World Series in 29 years. Or as us Cubs fans call that: recently.

There is an ugly feud between Camilla Parker Bowles and Duchess Kate Middleton. Bowles feels Kate is faking morning sickness to duck appearances. And Kate feels Camilla is not doing her share in pulling the Royal Carriage.

Been busy for a few days. Can someone explain to me why Renee Zellweger now looks like Mickey Rourke?

Actor, Matthew McConaughey said he doesn’t think the Washington Redskins should change their name. As far as he’s concerned, the Redskins are alright, alright, alright.
(Honestly, what would we do if we didn’t have actors to solve all of our problems?)

The Dallas Cowboys cut the only openly gay NFL player, Michael Sam, from their practice squad. The Cowboy players are furious. Now they have to choreograph their own touchdown dances.

In the Giants 7-1 win over the Royals, Giants outfielder, Hunter Pence, hit a home run that landed right below a sign that said “Hunter Pence thinks we’re in Kansas.” Sadly, a Giants fan did not replaced it with a “Hunter Pence Went Over This Fence” sign.

My latest Hunter Pence sign?

"Hunter Pence is going as Hunter Pence for Halloween"

A British man avoided a court appearance for two years by pretending to be in a coma. Upon hearing about faking a coma for two years, President Obama said; “You can do that?”