Monday, April 15, 2013

Not sure who decides these things, but whoever it is better give medals to the Boston Marathon runners who donated blood. 

Rumor has it Ozzie Obourne and his wife, Sharon, have split up; when asked to comment, Ozzie said; “No comment, please respect our privacy.” That or Ozzie said; “A gnome comet has peas, disgust and piracy.”

A survey claims social networks are getting ruder and ruder. At least that’s what one guy whose Twitter username is “Suck-It, Jerk” thinks.

The movie, “42” Is out. It is a movie about Jackie Robinson, so it is about class, courage, grace and dignity. Or as it is also known “The Not Alex Rodriguez Story.”

Want to know how you can tell when a golfer is old? When the announcers use their age in their name. 43-year-old, Angel Cabrerra, 50-year-old, Fred Couples, and 55-year-old Bernie Langer.