Friday, April 12, 2013

We know how we livin’, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

A big hit at the Masters is 14-year-old Chinese golfer, Tianlang Guan. At 14, Guan didn’t even start playing golf until he retired from ten-years of working at a Nike factory.

Researchers unveil a two million-year-old creature that combined ape and human features called the Sediba; Sediba is an old African word that means: Kardashian.

Sediba had an ape-like body and arms, but hands that were so human and dexterous, he could play poker with Larry King. 

A man at an L.A.  Home Depot tried to saw both arms off; and you thought you had a hard time getting a hand at Home Depot.

In Tennessee, a former vice mayor was arrested for masturbating out his car window while driving 90 MPH. And here I thought people who drove Hummers were jerk-offs.

A 79-year-old Michigan woman came out of a 5-year coma and asked to see a Bob Seger concert. Good thing, because if she asked to see a Justin Bieber concert, she would have been declared insane.

North Korea continues to issue threats; not really sure Sarah Palin understands. She feels if North Korea and South Korea fight, they may forget about all the money we owe them.

Since you asked:
While still sore from snowboarding in Mammoth, I went surfing this morning at La Jolla Shores. Caught my best right ever. Five foot high, long, long ride and managed to kick out.

Right now I am a whole new kind of tired. Scorched brain circuitry. Got to admit, for the first time while snowboarding, I suffered from a little O.L.D. syndrome.

Tonichtity? Olive oil marinated a rib-eye. Rub on the steak of sea salt, fresh pepper and garlic powder and grilling over oak coals. Serving over a bed of garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach while watching “The Masters.”