Saturday, April 06, 2013

Still crazy after all these beers, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Former President George W. Bush is getting his own library. Is it just me, or does giving George W. Bush a library make as much sense as giving President Bill Clinton a convent?

Since you asked:

Fine, you asked for it (no we didn’t) you got it. Here is Lex’s secret for the Cubs to have a decent season.

Let’s just start with the fact that the Cubs aren’t very good this year. Pitching staff of Wood, Samardzija, Jackson looks better than folks thought. But the Cubs are young and they will be really good in two years. But they have to play teams like the Reds and the Angels who are packed with superstars now.

It’s not so much the Cubs are really bad, but that other teams are really good.

So what is the key this year? Just focus on winning one series at a time. If you win the first two games of a three game series, I am not saying quit, but rest starters. Three game series tied 1-1? Third game is do or die. Give that game a playoff intensity. It will be good practice if they do make the playoffs. (they probably won’t)

Lose the first two of a three game series? Take it easy on the third and focus on winning the next series. 

A 162 game season is silly. By focusing on winning each series you break it up. When you run a marathon you don’t think, OK, I am going to run hard for 26.2 miles. You break it up. Make it to the top of that hill. Stride hard to the end of that fence.

Ah, screw it, who wants cake?