Friday, March 29, 2013

This was little puppy Wally. He be bigger now

“Taco Night” Wally putting the cuss in ruckus, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Viagra is 15-years-old. Which explains why there are so many 14-year-olds with really old Dads.

Singer Dionne Warwick has filed for bankruptcy in New Jersey; That’s tough, broke and living in New Jersey. Guess she really did not know the way to San Jose.

The US tied Mexico in a World Cup qualifying match 0-0 in Mexico; American fans at the game complained beer was thrown on them. Really, beer? You go to Mexico and cheer against Mexico? You’re lucky your head and body didn’t end up in different vans.

The US tied Mexico in a World Cup qualifying match 0-0. Don’t let the score fool you, it was an exciting match. There was the time we almost scored and didn’t and then they almost scored and didn’t. Then there was the time where we didn’t almost score.

The republicans spent $10 Mil. on a study that concluded they have too many white old men. They spent $10 Mil. to figure that out? I could have told them that at the State of the Union telecast. The democrat side looked like the crowd at a jazz concert, the republican side looked like a convention of retired Iowa morticians. 

In their baseball preview issue, “Sports Illustrated” picked the Chicago Cubs to finish last in their division. Whoa, way to go out on a limb, “Sports Illustrated.” Next thing you know you’ll pick a Kenyan to win a marathon.

Fox baseball analyst, Tim McCarver, announced he will retire after the World Series. There will be a tough adjustment time for his wife of 40-years, Anne. “And here she is in the kitchen, folks, she grabs her pan and melts butter, now some people use olive oil, but Anne likes how the butter turns brown. In go the onions, carrots and, oh my she held back with the garlic, but there it is. Folks, the smell is amazing.” 

April 1st the White House will host the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Here’s a great tip, kids. This year look for an egg underneath First Lady Michelle Obama’s bangs.

Since you asked:

My friends from other areas accuse me of making stuff up about how bad, oblivious and rude the drivers are in Carmel Valley. This story is exactly as it happened and true.

Driving down from a long curve from on top of a hill from the back of the Torrey Pines High school parking lot, I see what appears to be an odd sight: a car is stopped at the stop sign at the bottom going in the opposite direction with it’s left blinker on to South turn towards Del Mar Heights Rd. and it isn’t moving. Stalled? Out of gas?

As I slowly make the long left wind down the hill, I have a stop sign and a yield sign to go before I get to the stop sign where the car is stopped. As I get closer, I see the driver of the car stopped at the stop sign is a forty-ish, blonde woman with kids in the car. Her head is looking straight down at her phone and she is busily poking away either texting or Googling or who knows what.

So I pull up to the stop sign directly across from her turn on my right turn signal and stop and wait. My thought was, if she sees me, she will realize it is her turn to go. She does not see me, her head is still down. Thought of tapping my horn, but dismissed it, so I proceed to go ahead and turn right in front of her. She then looks up, sees me trying to turn in front of her, slams on the accelerator and cuts me off, I have to slam the brakes, while she angrily blasts her horn.

In her scary little oblivious world, I was trying to go ahead of her at the stop sign she had been stopped at for at least two minutes.

Wally is a dog, true, but he is ten times a better “person” than 96% of the butt-munchers around here.