Friday, April 15, 2011

Former Forty Niner, Gary Plummer was fired as the team radio announcer after he revealed in an interview how much sex NFL players have on the road and that team officials even helped arrange girls for the players. Now we know why Brett Favre keeps un-retiring.

New Zealand Air is offering a new cuddle class. And Air France is offering a new “We are zee French, get out of our way, you nasty Americans, or we will bitch-slap you away.”

At JFK airport, a giant A380 Air France jetliner clipped a small Delta commuter plane. I liked it better when just France’s waiters were rude to Americans, now it’s their pilots as well.

The hip new thing is celebrities who have guest twitter posters. Seriously, how lazy are we getting when our famous people need to have someone else type 140 characters for them?

Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw says he feels the effects from his concussions he got playing football. Not only that, but Terry went on to say he feels the effects of his concussions he got from playing football.

And for those of us who watch Terry on Fox, we say; “Duh.”

Barry Bonds has been found guilty of obstructing justice. And Bonds is also guilty of obstructing movie-goers with his gigantic steroid-swollen head.

Barry Bonds has been found guilty of obstructing justice but won’t go to jail. To review, Bonds cheated baseball by taking illegal steroids and then lied about it to a grand jury and he isn’t going to jail. Let that be a lesson to all you kids.

Barry Bonds has been found guilty of obstructing justice, but the jury was hung on the perjury charges. And according to the steroid shrinkage testimony of Bonds’s mistress, the jury was the only thing hung at that trial.