Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing his Nibs, Sir Crankin McRighty

To be candid, my flankerslacken is a little hinky on the bloberblassen, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Bill Clinton revealed he only sent two e-mails while he was President. And turns out both of those Russian mail-bride deals were a rip-off hoax.

A couple in Egypt named their baby Facebook in honor of Facebook’s role in their revolution. And in New Jersey, a woman named her baby MySpace simply to punish the father.

In Libya, dictator Moammar Gaddafi may resign. He could hand over power to his second son, Kim Jong Un Gaddafi, bypassing his hard-partying oldest boy, Charlie Sheen Gaddafi.

There is unrest in Libya and what do you expect? This is a country where nobody knows how to spell the evil dictator’s name. The guy Moammar Gaddafi is the Hanukkah of ruthless dictators. Is Gaddafi spelled with a G? A Q? A K? At least North Korea knows how to spell Kim Jong Il.

In Malaysia, police arrested a man for stealing over 700,000 condoms. I’m begging you, Charlie Sheen, get some help.

Is it just me or does Moammar Gadhafi look like the carpet cleaner who waits until your job is over to tell you your half-off coupon does not apply?

Got quite the recipe for you, Slatasi and Nuggasuarases.

Great Shrimp Recipe
Marinate peeled and de-veined shrimp in Wesson oil, garlic powder and Old Bay seasoning at least one hour. Soak bamboo skewers. Cut up pineapple into less than one inch cubes. Cut green onions into less than one inch strips.

Alternate three shrimps - shrimp, then pineapple, shrimp then pineapple - and three pieces of pineapple and then put the green onion on top of the skewer. Dust with Old Bay and pepper, grill on a hot grill and there you go. Just make sure the shrimp is done. I like to see a little char.