Friday, April 02, 2010

At least this would make more sense

Many great theologians believe, if Jesus were to rise again this Easter, he would stand, turn and say;

"So explain to me again what the chocolate bunnies have to do with this?"

So if we combined Michael Buble and Justin Bieber, wouldn't we get Michustin Beerbubble?

For April Fools Day, Google changed their name to Topeka, which I did not think was funny. I went to Google "Topeka" and it confused the hell out of me .

Not to excuse the teachers who have sex with their high school students, but I have always been attracted to "older" women. The problem now is the older women I am attracted to are now younger than me.

Since you asked:

Ever wonder what happened to band members of the late Sixties and early Seventies hit bands, like Grand Funk Railroad, Uriah Heep, Ten Years After, Procal Harum. Canned Heat, The Guess Who, Deep Purple and the most underrated of all, Badfinger? I do, probably too much. But wonder no more about one of them. You know the guy who plays the crazed Creed on “The Office”? He is Creed Bratton . He played guitar and sang for “The Grass Roots.”

Who, you ask?

How about two gold albums and a huge hit “Midnight Confessions” and 21 charted hits? In an article in “Entertainment Weekly” - the gay “Sports Illustrated” - Creed discusses his life of drugs and wild sex. “The Grass Roots” were a legitimate pre-Eagles big time rock band. World tours, albums, groupies and drug rehab and lining up backstage to get, well, serviced by "Little Rock" Connie Hamzy. (As the Eagles Don Felder described, a pretty little teacher during the day, at night a woman bent on giving oral sex to all bands who came to town) And how Ed Helms plays the banjo and wants Creed to make a bluegrass album, but Creed said he is a rock and roller down to his gonads.

Good to know.

Easter was an awesome time as a kid in Winnetka, Illinois. My Mom really got into it by hiding notes for us to find our Easter baskets. She hated the plastic grass because it wasn't all cleaned up until the Fourth of July. And then the roast lamb with tons of garlic made the house smell like heaven. April in Chicago means the summer is smack dab around the corner.