Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good news, guys, that babe Kate of Jon and Kate is single. Seriously, if I wanted to date a cranky, bitchy diva with bad hair and eight kids I would go out with Madonna.

You know what they call Bernie Madoff? The most hated man in America. Here's my question: did they even look at my audition video?

Sappy love e-mails from South Carolina Gov., Mark Sanford, to his Argentina girlfriend, Maria, have emerged. They are pretty awful. He rhymes governor with putting his "love in her."

In response to the South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford affair, an anonymous republican official disclosed; "After Foley, Craig and McGreevy, it's a nice change to have male republican sex scandals involving women for a change."

Nev. Sen Ensign apologized to his republican colleagues. Guess he also feels bad about hiking on that ol' Appalachian trail.

Since you asked;

Remember, when naming a dog, you can call them all the cute baby names you want as nicknames, but you have to give them a good strong name. One that is a good name but not one you would want to name a kid. Like Linus is a good example. Horace. Stanly.

Whatever you do, do not let your child or children name the dog. That is borderline cruel for the dog. "What's his name? Mister Pooh, ahem, we let the kids name him."

No excuse for that. What are some of our dog's Kasey and Wrigley's nicknames? Warning, these are disgusting:

Pooh bear, Mister Wrigley, Monkey Pants, Beauxchamps, Hounddiggily dawg, Bitty Bear, The Duke of Dorks, Party Poodles, Mugwumps, Stinkerdoodle, Cuddle bunny, scrounge around hound, Puppy Paws, the no-sense-hasen' hound, worried bear. Inspector Kasey Mr. Whinerpuss. Woofbear.

Wow, not to be morbid, but I was just about to speculate who was going to be the third. Ed McMahon, Farrah, who was the third? But I didn't think it would be Michael Jackson. Yikes.