Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh, I got the fever, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Such a wave you shouldn't believe

All along the Southern California coast, the waves are huge getting up to 20 feet high.

In Malibu the waves were so huge they washed Mel Gibson inside a Temple.

“24” times 48
“24” star Keifer Sutherland is going to jail for 48 days for drunk driving.

This after Kiefer’s attorneys failed in their attempt to legally change his name to Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richey.

That would do it
Despite evidence that their nuclear development isn’t a threat, President Bush reiterated his belief that Iran is a threat.

Iran is a threat? Really? All we have to do to stop Iran is start a rumor that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinijad named his teddy bear Mohammad.

Since you asked:
In terms of my paddle boarding, I guess now is a good time to be sick. The waves are huge and I couldn’t go out there anyway.

Being sick is like your body starts a little party in your nose and then the head says, hey, let me in on this. Then your throat joins in and, before you know it, all your muscles are singing along in constant ache, your skin is chilled and yet, somehow, your sweat glands say, yeah, I want to play too. Finally the chest joins in big time and you think, well, that’s everyone.

And then the digestive system says: “Are you kidding me? You ignore me? Well, I’ll show you.”

And now it is a party.