Saturday, December 01, 2007

Here is a little tasty brunch recipe for a healthier version of eggs benedict I like to cal Eggs BeneLex. (Somehow Eggs Lexedict just didn’t sound nearly as good)

Two Eggs

English Muffin

Three Strips of Pre-cooked, ready-to-microwave bacon

Sour Cream

Newman’s Own Pineapple Salsa.

Lime Juice

For Lex’s pink taco sauce (watch the pink taco jokes, pal) first mix a healthy dollop of sour cream in a bowl with a slightly smaller dollop of the Newman’s pineapple salsa, add some fresh lime juice and mix until a sexy looking light pink. Put in the Fridge

Prepare to boil water in the egg poacher, before boiling, drop the English muffins in the toaster. When the water boils, drop the eggs in the poacher. Just as the eggs start to look done and the muffins pop up, cook the bacon in the microwave for one minute. Clean off the grease with a paper towel. The bacon will soon be crispy.

To plate, put down the halves of the English muffins on a plate, put the bacon on the muffins, a poached egg on the top of that, and spoon the Lex’s pink taco (careful) sauce on top of that. Bam the plate Emeril-style with paprika and or fresh chopped parsley, serve with coffee and a shot of fresh OJ mixed with Fresca. (Unsavory types could replace Fresca with Vodka)

Seriously, I have to start charging for these recipes.