Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sometimes Im sexy, move like a stud
Kicking the stall all night
Sometimes Im so shy, got to be worked on
Dont have no bark or bite, alright

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Equines

That’s right, it is the 133th running of the Kentucky Derby.

I’m showin’ true love to Curlin’ and Scat Daddy with a fiddy exacta box, yo.

And toss a shout out to Curlin and big bad Bwana Bear for twenterino.

And how can you bet against De La Hoya tonight on Cinco De Mayo which is Spanish for sink the Maryweather? Got hunnert on my booooyyyyy Oscar.

We got da biscuit in the triscuit and we gonna risk it all up in da hizzy by brizzy and sizzy.