Friday, April 20, 2007

These just in:

How . . . rainy . . .is . . .it?
To give you an idea how rainy it has been in New York, today they officially changed Grant’s Tomb to Grant’s Aquarium.

Now that's not nice
Finally, Sanjaya was voted off of “American Idol” Not to be mean but is it me or does Sanjaya look like the unholy spawn of Prince and Apu?

Nice marketing tool
I like “American Idol” but I wish they should somehow fit in more commercials, specifically for Ford and Coke. This just in: “American Idol” has announced Blake has changed his name to Ford and Lakisha has changed her name to Coca Cola.

Was the name Pong already taken?
Tennessee Titan Adam “Pacman” Jones took out a full page ad in a Memphis paper promising to improve his behavior after being suspended for one season for ten police incidents in two years. In a related story, Wall Street identified the worst investment possible: posting bail for Pacman.