Wednesday, October 15, 2003

What a brutal, brutal game, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Ernest Hemingway had a short story in his Nick Adams series that ended with something like:

"He woke to the sound of the wind brushing a pine branch against his window. He was in bed for a long time before he remembered that his heart was broken."

That was me this morning after the Cubs game six loss.

Today is Wednesday, or as Cubs fans call it, the day after black Tuesday.

Trekkies stay the eff home
Some goober knocked an easy out from Moises Alou’s glove that led to an eight run eighth inning and a stunning Cubs loss. The Cubs fans treated that errant fan like Mussolini after the war short of hanging him from a meat hook in the town square. In other words, they went easy on him.

How would you like to be this guy at work?

“OK, folks any questions? Oh, yes, you, the guy-who-single-handedly-screwed-the-Cubs-and-broke-the-hearts-of-millions-of-great-fans-and-humiliated-all-of-Chicago-in-one-incrediby-dorky-move, what do you have to say?”

Chicago Cubs fans, we just need to relax, take a deep breath, and realize it was just a game and we have another chance tonight and OH MY GOD, WE WERE FIVE OUTS FROM THE WORLD SERIES, I WANT THAT DORK’S HIDE! Oh, uh, sorry, was that out loud?

King of the road
Rodney King was released from an L.A. jail after he posted bail. So drive at your own risk, folks.

Not good, nope
There are reports that Nike is going to dump Kobe Bryant from his shoe deal. And Kobe’s negotiations with Trojan condoms ain’t going so good either.

Since you asked:
Wore my Cubs hat out today, Slats and Nugs, and I wore it proudly. Cubs fans are there in the good and the rough times. People were sympathetic. Some were really blood thirsty for that poor, stupid, dorky fan. Should he be physically threatened for what he did? No. Should he be blamed? Anyone who saw the game knows this guy lost it for the Cubs. Yes, he should be blamed.

That being said, if anything serious happens to this poor guy it is going to be a real tragedy. Perspective, folks.

Go Cubs.