Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It is hot in LA. I’m sweating like Shia LaBeouf’s publicist. 

It is hot. I am sweating like Donald Trump Jr. when asked to define collusion. 

The commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, said New York Yankee, Aaron Judge, could become the face of baseball. But Alex Rodriguez will always be the ass that gets injected.

103 years ago today, Babe Ruth made his Major League Baseball debut. The losing pitcher, Larry King, went 6 and two-thirds innings.

Today is the 203rd anniversary of when Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Apparently Burr was infuriated Hamilton did not get him tickets for “Hamilton.”

Researchers now believe they have found the spot where Amelia Earhart died 73 years after she vanished. We do not know what Earhart died of, we just know it would not be covered by Trump Care.

73 years after she vanished, researchers now believe they have found the spot where Amelia Earhart died. And they think she died from food poisoning from eating at the first Chipotle.

Researchers now believe they have found the spot where Amelia Earhart died 73 years after she vanished. It’s sad. She died of a broken heart after Larry King stood her up.

In Iraq, ISIS is on the verge of total defeat. It is so bad, ISIS is trying to hire Kellyanne Conway to tell CNN their defeat is fake news.

New York Yankee, Aaron Judge, won the Home Run Derby hitting several home runs over 500 ft. Alex Rodriguez ranked the performance four-out-of-four syringes. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the flashing grandma; an elderly woman who flashed her white bra to the Jumbotron. And if she takes the bra off, she’ll also flash the three rows in front of her.

In Iraq, ISIS is on the verge of total defeat. It is so bad, they may change their name to the Cleveland Browns.

The latest poll has Chris Christie’s disapproval rate at 85%. In New Jersey that ranks somewhere between a rancid corn dog and a loan shark’s beat-down. 

Since you asked:

Peter Principle On a Scale Nobody Thought Imaginable.

From time-to-time you can go into a New York retail store - it doesn’t matter what it is, it could be an electronics store, a drug store, a laundry or a restaurant - and you will run into a customer service strategy that is essentially based on the premise, 

“If you don’t want it, someone else will. Now go eff yourself.” 

And they get away with it. Why? Because there are 8.5 million people in New York. 

That has been essentially Donald Trump’s mission statement but on a much higher pay scale. 

Because The Donald is so linked to New York and because he is so famous, there has been an endless stream of clients who will do what he wants. No matter how much Trump lies to them. No matter how much he screws them over. There is always someone waiting to take their place if they say no.

If you do enough business, eventually you will start to believe you are great business man. Just like if sycophants laugh at your bad jokes, you start to think you’re funny. Donald Trump truly believes, based on the huge volume of business he has done, that he is a great businessman. And he thinks he is funny.

He could not be more wrong on both. 

Trump could not be a worse businessman. Just because you fell headfirst into the Comstock Lode does not make you a great silver miner. It makes you a lucky one. 

Truth is, Donald Trump is everything that constitutes an abysmal businessman. He could not care less about anyone but himself. He has zero listening skills. Almost no attention span or learning curve. Trump is not just not personable, he is downright rude. And he is not smart. Not smart at all. 

And let’s not start on how humorless he is. And all of this ineptitude is showing up as president. But quick.

Donald Trump no longer has an endless stream of potential clients he can screw over like he did in New York real estate. There are only so many world leaders and so many congressman and so many senators. There are only so many members of the press. 

And Trump has already burned too many bridges. The press, the FBI, the IRS. 

What we are watching with Donald Trump is the execution of the Peter Principle on a scale nobody ever thought imaginable.