Saturday, July 08, 2017

Congratulations to Patton Oswalt on his engagement to the wonderful Meredith Salenger. After what they’ve been through, Patton and his daughter, Alice, deserve happiness. 


It was a year ago today a woman in Delaware was arrested for loud sex. Since then Betty White has given her neighbors noise-cancelling headphones.


During a blow-out loss, Chicago Cubs outfielder, Jon Jay, came in as a mop-up relief pitcher with offerings at 47 MPH. He had a slider, a change-up and a “50 Cent First Pitch.”

Or as the Phillies call a 47-MPH pitch: high cheese.

Baseball players have not witnessed anything that ugly in Wrigley Field since Mike Ditka sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” 

In his L.A. Laker debut against the Clippers in Summer League, Lonzo Ball missed 13 of 15 shots. Lonzo put the but in debut. 

Ivanka Trump sat in on a G-20 meeting for her dad. There was an awkward moment when Ivanka asked, “When do we get to see the new car model for 2018 G-20?” 


Magic Johnson said what LaVar Bell is doing for his son, Lonzo, is just marketing. When did the word marketing replace the words tastelessly annoying? Oh, right. Kardashians.


In his L.A. Laker debut against the Clippers in Summer League, Lonzo Ball missed 13 of 15 shots. That was the worst performance since Chris Christie sat on a beach.

Since you asked:

Again, not that I am Dr. Grammar. But I had a rough moment when one of my favorites, Kristen Wiig, was on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and they were playing “Mad Libs.” It became painfully clear neither Kristen nor Jimmy were super clear on what was an adjective. 

By the way, my recent excessive use of neither/nor is meant neither to impress nor to appear smart. 

As if my being a certified non-genius needed any support, here is a thought I actually had watching a video of a talented blonde woman surfing:

“Wow, she is good. Is that Bethany Hamilton? On, no. She has two arms.”

In a just world I am a few ‘tails in on a boat with my good friends off Dana Point. 

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