Monday, July 03, 2017

Today's "The Elements of Style" Stunk and White lesson: infer and imply are not interchangeable. Chris Christie's actions imply he does not care about us. You can infer it from this picture.

They get their stoke from being woke to the joke, Thundertuchus, Dynobiscuit and Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins are named Sir and Rumi. Weird, but not bad for celebrities. I was expecting Thunderbiscuit and Dynotuchus. 

A New York company has opened a non-alcoholic bar. Remember Cheers? This is Sneers.

The Ken doll now comes with a man-bun. Thus making this Ken doll the first Ken doll to shove a Ken doll up its butt. 

Since you asked:

Maybe we just don’t want to believe how much our elected officials hold us in contempt. Until we see it with our own eyes. Trump saying he could shoot someone and get away with it or mocking a disabled reporter. Reading about Hillary Clinton cursing her secret service agents for daring to say hello, who are, incidentally, risking their lives for her. 

But when you see Chris Christie’s fat, entitled ass - encased like some nightmarish black sausage  - on the beach where hard-working families with their excited children were turned away on a holiday weekend, you start to get some semblance of the abundance of their arrogance and indifference.

Chris Christie should cook in his own fat like the giant confit covfefe that worthless piece of crap is.