Saturday, October 08, 2016

Skiing gold medalist, Julia Mancuso, SUP surfing. Greatest line in any Olympics referring to the snow conditions: "Julia Mancuso likes it rough."

After his Billy Bush scandal, Donald Trump is offering his $200 Trump Membership gold cards for just $49. So I guess $69 would have been too much to ask?

With increasing calls form all over the republican party to withdraw, Donald Trump said he would not withdraw because he isn’t a . . . well, you know. 

Donald Trump appeared in three “Playboy” porn videos. But when it came to making the movies, Trump did not have much of a hand in it. 

Donald Trump appeared in three “Playboy” porn videos. The press was alerted to these tapes from a tip by a guy named Schmill Schlinton. 

Gold medal skier, Lindsay Vonn, told an interviewer she wishes there was some separation at ski resorts between skiers and snowboarders. Gold medal skier, Julie Mancuso, then defended snowboarders. And just like that we have reinvented the term: white people problems.

Since you asked:

After living for so long in California in college, and a year or two after, especially in the idyllic beach hamlet of Santa Barbara, Fall was really just a slight taste of a tease. There are a few trees where the leaves turn, and the air cools a bit, but the biggest clue of Fall is the long shadows and early sunset.

After college, when I moved to New York in July to work on Wall Street, the word stifling took new meaning. There is no air in California that is the equivalent of East Coast humidity in July and August. The hot, dank air is so wet it is hard to breathe. 

So, for me in New York, Fall felt like a ship coming to rescue you from a siege at Guadalcanal. Fall in New York isn’t just a season, it is a sensory feast. The turning leaves are a feast for your eyes and air has a delicious taste of crispness. Imagine if you could breathe a cold mug of fresh apple cider. 

When this whole campaign thing started with Donald Trump, I had already had a visceral and instinctive hatred of the man. It probably stemmed from working on Wall Street with a pompous prick with a bad combover who reminded me of Trump. 

That dislike of Trump grew when a friend of a friend was working for Citibank when they bailed Trump out with a huge, too-big-to-fail sweetheart loan in 1994 to keep Trump from deep personal bankruptcy. (And to save the bank’s real estate values) 

Despite giving Trump a get-out-of-jail lottery ticket, he was still rude, pompous, sexist and hateful to the point Citibank almost did not give the loan to him despite the horrific damage it would do to their real estate portfolio. 

And then when I moved to San Diego, I knew someone who knew someone who had Trump lie to his face that his investment in a Trump Baja resort was safe. 

So when the Trump campaign started, I was hoping for an utter public shaming and humiliation of Trump-the-putz. 

It has now officially succeeded my hopes. We just need affirmation that Trump is, A, on the way to going broke and, B, he is hung like a gerbil.