Friday, October 07, 2016

Donald Trump was recorded telling Billy Bush about women, “Grab them by the pussy.” This shocked Billy. And his last name is Bush. 

Donald Trump was recorded telling Billy Bush about women , “Grab them by the pussy.” In response, Trump tried to spin it, 

“I would never try to grab a women’s pet cat without their permission.” 

Donald Trump was recorded telling Billy Bush about women, “Grab them by the p-word.” This next debate should be interesting. Don’t be shocked if you see Hillary Clinton hugging the podium. 

Now it appears Donald Trump appeared in three soft core porn movies. But when it came to making the movies, Trump did not have a big hand in it. 

A study says humans can expect to live a maximum of 115-years-old. It is called the Larry King Effect. 

Since you asked:

And here, as a youngest child and a comedy writer, I thought I knew about being needy. But you haven’t seen needy until you see a comedian, who is the youngest of six children, discover Facebook Live. 

“Four score and seven years ago.” - Lincoln

“Walk softly and carry a big stick.” - T. Roosevelt.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” - F. Roosevelt

“Ask not what your country can do for you.” - Kennedy

“Grab them by the p***y,” - Trump

Amy Schumer just toured a New York mansion for sale for $15 mil. In Amy’s memoir, “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo,” she remembers when she had to go to the coin machine to get enough money to take her boyfriend out to TGIFridays.

There is collateral damage with Trump’s latest Pussy-gate. 

Billy Bush was still reeling from his credibility-crushing vehement defense of Ryan Lochte robbery lie against Al Roker. Now he appears almost as much of a pig as Donald Trump on their 2005 bus ride on “Access Hollywood.” 

Billy Bush already had a reputation as a shameless suck-up to celebrities. Now he appears to be a shameless sexist. Would not be shocked if the female controlled staff of “Today” were to give him the boot. 

“Trump is really toast this time.”

What I said after Trump said John McCain was not a hero because he got captured.

What I said after Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers.

What I said after he said Megyn Kelly was bleeding from wherever.

What I said when Trump mocked a physically disabled reporter.

What I said when Trump called for a ban on Muslims.

What I said when Trumped attacked the Gold Star Khan parents. 

What I said when Trump accused a judge of being incompetent because he is of Mexican heritage.

What I said when Trump suggested a second amendment fanatic should shoot Hillary Clinton.

What I said when Trump said Putin would not go into the Ukraine. 

What I said when Trump called veterans who get PTSD weak.

What I said when all the liens and lawsuits from Trump not paying contractors and workers popped up.

What I said when it was revealed Trump lost almost a billion dollars and did not pay taxes for 20 years. 

What I said when Trump viciously attacked Miss Universe.

What I said when Trump lost the debate.

What I am saying now when Trump got caught on tape saying he wants to grab the p-word and eff married women. 

This disgusting imbecile Trump should have been buried eight incredibly stupid gaffes ago. How ironic if this world class pussy gets tripped up by a comment about pussy?