Thursday, October 06, 2016

Kendall Jenner just got a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip. Well, that is one way to remember your password. 

A study says humans can expect to live a maximum of 115-years-old. The good news is we have Larry King for another five years.

A study claims dogs can tell time with their noses. And dogs favorite time of day? Stanky-Ass Thirty. 

It has been a bad week for ISIS: they lost ground in Aleppo. One of their spokespeople was killed by a drone, another has been poisoned. And somebody leaked to “The New York Times” they have not paid taxes in 18 years. 

Kim Kardashian is going to write a book about being robbed of her jewelry at gunpoint in Paris. It’s called, “I Was Like Whatevs and Eww.”

Donald Trump was in a “Playboy” softcore porn movie. It was just a brief part. When it came to making the movie, Trump did not have a big hand in it. 

In Australia, a woman scared off an attacking crocodile by slapping her sandal. It worked so well, in the next debate, Hillary is going to try that on Trump.

Kim Kardashian vowed not to flaunt her wealth on social media anymore. From now on Kim will only display her talent and intellect. So, yeah, Kim’s leaving social media.

It is the 56th anniversary of “The Flintstones.” And Fred still hasn’t come out of the closet to give Barney a “Gay ol’ time.” 

Today is National Poetry Day:

Roses are red
Trump is so bitter
If I had any brains
I wouldn't be on Twitter